Izz ad-Din al-Quassam Cyber Fighters

Izz ad-Din al-Qassam Cyber Fighters (Cyber Fighters)

According to an article in Global Post, the Cyber Fighters’ sole purpose is to get YouTube and sites that reposted the anti-Muslim film, “Innocence of Muslims,” to remove the movie.  They claim that they are not affiliated with any group or country or other group. The Cyber Fighters claim to be a collective so we can assume that there are more than one.

Structure: The group claims to be a collective but no leaders are listed on its Postbin message board. Some suspect they are supported by Iran.

Communications: Besides hundreds of news reports following their attacks, the only Internet communications that I could find is their messages on Postbin. Many news reports use the Postbin messages from the Cyber Fighters in their stories on hacking incidents.  In an October 23 post, the group invited reporters to interview them.  They provide an email address: alqassamcyberfighter@myway.com but the link does not work. They also have a Twitter account with no posts.

Recruitment:Unknown. I can’t find contact information.

Attacks: This is where the Cyber Fighters shine! Under the name of “Operation Ababil” the group scored 35 attacks on 25 banks.  Below is a list of banks posted on Paolo Passeri’s “Hackmageddon.com” site.

The hacktivist group warned about these attacks which took place in four “phases.”

Goals: The Cyber Fighters have one goal. To get YouTube to remove the film “The Innocence of Muslims.” Once this film is removed, they claim their attacks will stop. It was the U.S. court system that ordered the film removed because of a “copyright” issue with an actress in the movie, Cindy Lee Garcia. The actress said she “was tricked by the filmmaker, claiming that she thought she was playing in a movie called Desert Warrior”  (Softpedia, “YouTube to Remove ‘Innocence of Muslims,’ Not kBecause of Hacktivist Attacks,” by Eduard Kovacs, 2/27/14).

Financial Support: Their financial support is unknown.

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