RedHack is a Turkish anti-government hacker group with Marxist- Leninist sympathies.            On their Tumblr  site they claim to “practice 2 types of “Defacement Hacking.”  The “Hackers News Bulletin” reports that RedHack released documents that identified the police officers who killed Abdullah Comert, an anti-government protester. The group was very active around the Gezi protests.

Structure: According to a brief article on Wikipedia, they have 12 core members and are described as Marxist-Leninist. The group’s leader is “Emperor Blackhat.” They claim not to be affiliated with another organization. In RedHack’s “About Us” Tumblr page they claim that  “…members of RedHack consists of existing members who are either visible or not, ex-members that are always there to help us if needed.”

Communications: RedHack has Tumbler sites that apparently aren’t linked to each other.  The group has a Twitter account and as of April 23, RedHack has 765K followers. Another Twitter account has 94.8K. They have a contact email on their “About Us” Tumbler page.

Attacks: According to Wikipedia article on “RedHack,” the group hacked the Turkish Council of Higher Education, the Turkish police, Turkish Army, Turk Telekom, and the National Intelligence Organization.(Wikipedia, “RedHack). In RedHack’s “About Us” Tumblr page the group said they practice two types of “defacement hacking.”

1-Announcement style: We only leave our announcement or message in this style. We do not harm any files deliberately. The aim is to raise awareness of the poor against the elite class that tries to strip our rights and freedoms. In this style we aim to only hack personal sites, small businesses, harmless government pages that have nothing to do with politics. It’s like writing slogans on to the wall in the street.

2-Attack style : We delete all the files of the site in this style. Depending on the circumstances we will also try to leave permanent damage. We’ll also try to leave some codes.  We will also leave an explanation for the reason of hacking.   In this style we aim to hack sites belongs to fascists, individuals that are the enemies of the people, government, legal parties, imperialist monopolies and their agents, finance etc.

Other than hacking ordinary sites;

a- While hacking we try to use different technics in order to widen the conflicts between the rulers
b- We try to inform the public of rulers secret agendas in order to show their true face
c- We protect those who serves people in the area of  information and communication and defend them in possible cyber-attacks.

 d- We stand against financial companies that exploits the people and open their different type of systems to the service of the people.

e- We also use different secret techniques other than propaganda hacking.

Goals: One of RedHack’s several slogans are “Voice of the Opressesed, Serving Justice for the People!” and “Hacking for People!” (Tumblr). RedHack claims to be “…the force of proletariat of Turkey and the World in the fields of technology, attack, defence and development” (Tumblr). A Marxist organization they oppose censorship, oppressive policies of the government and “…give struggle for the revolution in Turkey.”

Financial Support: RedHack’s financial support is not clear.

* Much of RedHack’s writings is in Turkish or roughly translated in English

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