Syrian Electronic Army

Syrian Electronic Army

The Syrian Electronic Army is a Syrian seemingly well-organized group of hackers that are responsible for major attacks in the U.S. and abroad. According to the group’s website, the SEA began in 2011 “when the Arab media and Western started their bias in favor of terrorist groups that have killed civilians” (, “SEA Story”).

Structure:  According to their website, SEA, the group is “organized” by the “SEA Team.”

  • The Soul is the Facebook Page Manager and is considered a leader. “The Soul” has been with the group from the beginning.
  • Victor, is the Programming Department, hacker and programmer. Victor programmed and designed their website.
  • The Shadow is identified as “A Leader.” He appears to be one of their major hackers.
  • TH3PRO, is the leader of the special operations devision. The group claimed that he/she hacked the Harvard main website, Twitter, The New York Times and the Marines.
  • Hidden Name is the Social Media Manager.
  • Hidden Name is in charge of the Media Unit and is said to be one of the group’s founders. He manages the YouTube channels.
  • Syrian Eagle is the Official Email Manager.
  • Hidden Name is the founder of SEA. As for his/her duties it simply says, “No information.”


Communications: The SEA is active on social media and has one of the best websites of the five above groups. They have a Facebook, Twitter and YouTube account. Their Twitter posts information from hack attacks, such as documents from Microsoft: “The Syrian Electronic Army has published leaked documents from Microsoft that obtained them after The SEA has breached multiple emails belonging to Microsoft.

Please read these documents carefully before using any Microsoft service (Outlook, Skype, etc.)”  (, “article”). Their website and Twitter pages have contact information.  The SEA’s hacks have been well covered in the news media. A search of the Forbs attack produced 966,000 results. The groups is media savvy.


Recruitment: All sites reviewed have contact information. Anyone that wants to join can make contact through one of their sites. Other than that, I can not find information that specifically addresses joining the SEA.

Attacks: Besides the Forbes and Microsoft attacks the group is responsible for EBay and PayPal (abroad); CNN’s Twitter and Facebook accounts; Saudi Arabian Government websites. These attacks included denial of service attacks, stealing information and defacing websites with political messages.

Goals: Their stated goals are to protect the homeland and support the reforms of President Bashas al-Assad.” The group sees al-Assad as the “…right option for aspiration as youth” (, “SEA Story).

Financial Support: The SEA claims they are not supported by any government. The group does not ask donations on their website.


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