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This page contains links to news stories about hacktivists, cyber security, cyber terrorism and relevant technology news.

Did Anonymous attack BCH?

Anonymous has apparently struck again in the name of justice. This time Children’s Hospital in Boston is the target. The attack on the hospital’s computer system was initiated because of the Justina Pelletier child custody case. Read the story. Did they or didn’t they? In one of anonymous’ social media sights “Why we protest,” there’s a lot of chatter about Boston Children’s and the Pelletier case. No accepting responsibility for the attacks from Anonymous. Just heard on CBS Boston news that Anonymous Facebook page says they didn’t do it and that they wouldn’t hack a hospital. I can’t find that message.

Peter Singer Interview

Research chat: Peter Singer on cybersecurity and what the media needs to know,” an interview about Singer’s new book, Cybersecurity and Cyberwar: What Everyone Needs to Know. This interview was conducted by John Wihbey, April 14, 2014 for “Journalist’s Resource.”


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